The JAR Night Qualification Course

Supplement 4 to Container FCL 2.125

In Europe,The Container Night Capability Course Articles the Joint Flight Authority (JAA) controls all preparation by executing Joint Flying Guidelines (Container). Container Flight Group Authorizing (Container FCL) is the report that has every one of the guidelines with respect to preparing. Container FCL 2 is the report that connects with helicopters.

After you get your Confidential Pilot’s Permit PPL(H), you probably will need to inprove your abilities and train for a night capability. You won’t be permitted to fly around evening time without having finished a night capability course. The course should be finished in no less than a half year so ensure you spending plan in like manner. The course will incorporate ground school and 15 hours of flying – so it isn’t modest.

Supplement 4 to Container FCL 2.125 lets us know what we really want to do. Prior to beginning the night capability course, you probably finished 100 hours of flight time as pilot of helicopters after the issue of your permit. You should have no less than 60 hours as pilot in charge of helicopters and you should likewise have finished somewhere around 20 hours of crosscountry flight.

The Night Capability Course

The night capability course comprises of ground school covering the hypothesis necessities and furthermore the flight segment covering the flying preparation. The course should be led at a Flight Preparing Association (FTO) or (when EASA becomes obligatory and replaces Container in April 2012) a 울산 밤의전쟁 Supported Preparation Association (ATO). There won’t be a flight test toward the finish of the course. On finish of the course the late evening flying limitation on your pilot’s permit will be taken out. Hypothesis will require no less than 5 hours of guidance (genuine hours relies upon the school you use). Themes covered are:

night VMC minima
rules in regards to airspa